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Kids Murals

A few examples of my work...
Each of these murals took about 35 hours to complete, (with an exception of the whales mural.) I'm currently only charging $15 an hour, plus the cost of paint and supplies (usually about $100)  Lets Chat! 
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Anya Aubertin
(360) 775-9642

    How to Train Your Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk! My painted backdrop for the kids' dragon decals. Clouds extend up the ceiling to open up the low walls.


Lovin' her new Princess Fairy Tale room! Complete with fairy tree house and Cinderella carriage!


Minnie Mouse Tree House! A fun passageway leads to her house in the sky! Complete with mail box, swing, even a heart around M+M tree carving.  This lucky girl sleeps under a canopy of branches every night!  

Playful Monkey Mural for Prosthetic Clinic I painted this to brighten the pediatric room of the Hanger Orthotics and Prosthetics office in Syracuse, NY. 
A Family of Whales A happy Mama, Papa and Baby swim from classic white waves in this nautical themed nursery.